ZY-EH111| H.264 HDMI Video Encoder with HDMI loop-out

Description Specifications OEM/ODM
ZY-EH111 video encoder can deliver H.264 encoding HDMI video streams of independent IP output to various servers for live application, such as Wowza media server, windows media server, social media platform, and some other servers based on RTSP/RTMP/RMPTS/ HLS/ TS/ Onvif protocols.
orivision video encoder is widely applied in hotel TV systems, school teaching, livebroadcasting. And ZY-EH111 has approved by CE, FCC, ISO, etc.

[ Products Features ]

●   High-performance hardware encoding
●   support H.264 BP/MP/HP
●   support AAC / G.711 Advanced Audio Coding format quality
●   CBR / VBR rate: 16Kbps ~ 12Mbps
●   1000M network interface uses a full-duplex mode
●   mainstream and secondary stream can be pushed to a different server
●   Supports up to 720P, 1080P @ 60HZ HD video input
●   Support image parameter settings
●   support HDCP protocol and Blu-ray
●   support HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS,RTP, ONVIF protocol
●   the mainstream and sidestream use the different network protocol for transmission
●   WEB interface, English and Chinese is optional for configuration interface
●   WEB interface management authority
●   Support remote management in WAN(WEB)
●   Support resolution customized settings
●   Support one key to restore the factory configuration
●   Support SDK, secondary development

[ Diagram ]

 Model No.  ZY-EH111
 Input interface  HDMI*1 
 Support resolution  Max support 1920*1080P@60fps
 Output interface  Ethernet port(RJ45) *1, HDMI
 Video encoding   H.264 Baseline Profile
 H.264 Main Profile
 H.264 High Profile
 Code Rate control  16kbps- 12Mbps
 Code Rate  CBR/VBR
 Input interface  built-in audio * 1
 Audio encoding  ACC, MP3
 Sampling rate  Auto
 Bit-rate Option  48K,64K,96K,128K,160K,192K,256K
 Sampling Accuracy  24 Bit
 Audio Data-rate  64Kb/s to 384Kb/s
 RJ45  10M/1000M Ethernet port
 Control Panel  Web panel ( Language is English), remote upgrade
 Firmware Update  Enable by uploading files to dashboard
 Dimension(W*L*H)  166*130*280mm
 Gross Weight  0.3kg
 Temperature  0 ~ 45℃(for working),-20~60℃(for storing)
 Humidity  <90%, non-condensing
 Input Voltage  DC 12V/1A
 Power Consumption  5W

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