ZY-UCH501| 4K HDMI to USB3.0 Video Capture Card

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[ Product Features ]

► 1 channel HDMI video & audio signal input;
► When 1 channel LPCM audio & HDMI video signal input,1 channel external audio signal can be input simultaneously(1 channel 3.5mm mic audio input or 1 channel 3.5mm linear audio input)  
► 1 channel HDMI video & audio loop out,separate the audio in HDMI and output through the 3.5mm headphone connector
► No need to install driver, real PNP
► Input & output video resolution up to 4K30(3840x2160/30),and downward compatibility  1080P60
► UVC compatible video acquisition,YUV422 video output、NV12 video output
► Windows、MAC、LINUX operating system
► Ultra-low power consumption, no external power adapter, direct USB power supply
► Size:35*28*10in (88x70x25mm)

[ Advanced Features ]

► USB3.0,360MB/s transmission bandwidth
► Video processing is done by the capture card, which does not occupy the host CPU
► Automatically determines the input video format and automatically transforms to the specified output resolution:
         3840x2160@30FPS (NV12);2560x1600@60FPS (NV12);2560x1440@60FPS (NV12);
         2048x1080@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);1920x1200@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);1920x1080@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);
         1600x1200@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);1280x1024@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);1280x720@60FPS  (YUY2, NV12);
         1024x768@60FPS  (YUY2, NV12); 960x540@60FPS (YUY2, NV12);640x480@60FPS   (YUY2, NV12);
          640x360@60FPS   (YUY2, NV12);480x270@60FPS   (YUY2, NV12)

► Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other screen adjustment functions
► Support multiple capture card to one machine
► Firmware upgradable

Please note:
1. The actual USB3.0 transmission bandwidth is related to the host chipset and computer motherboard, and may be lower than the values written here.
2. Due to copyright protection, this product does not support the acquisition of HDCP protected hd video signals; The PS4 can capture video signals after turning off HDCP in the system menu.

【Connection diagram】


Host Interface USB3.0,360MB/s transmission bandwidth,Type-c interface
Input Interface HDMI*1, 3.5mm audio*3
Video Input 1 channel HDMI video signal input
Audio Input When 1 channel LPCM audio & HDMI video signal input,1 channel external audio signal can be input simultaneously(1 channel 3.5mm mic audio input or 1 channel 3.5mm linear audio input)
Audio Output 1 channel 3.5mm audio signal output
Video Output USB3.0 compatible with USB2.0 video signal output,1channel HDMI loop out
Video output frame rate USB3.0 support 3840x2160@30FPS (NV12),2560x1600 and below formats support 60 FPS
HDMI Input Format Conform to HDMI 1.4a standard,support 2160P30 8-bit,(NV12,YUV)
Transmission Bandwidth HDMI:165MHZ
Video Capture Conform to UVC (USB video class) specification 
Audio Capture Conform to UAC (USB audio class) specification 
Output Color Space YUY2、NV12 
Operating System Support X86 and x64 versions of the following operating systems are supported:Windows 7、8.1、10,Windows Server 2008 R2,MAC,LINUX 
Compatible Software VLC, VirtualDub, OBS, XSplit, vMix, VidBlaster, Wirecast, Micr osoft Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Encoder, and other use DirectShow、V4L2 or AVCaptureSession programming interface coding or streaming media software
Compatible Development Interface DirectShow (Windows), DirectSound (Windows)
Upgrade Firmware upgradable
Size 35*28*10in (88 x 70 x 25mm) 
Power Dissipation 5V@900ma <= 3.0 W 
Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃ 
Storage Temperature 0-70 ℃
Storage Humidity 5%-90% 


Brightness contrast hue saturation adjustable 


► Supports a variety of resolutions optional, can set the output resolution


► Supports custom output frame rate, including 60, 59.97, 30, 29.94, etc


► Support output YUV Bt.601, YUV Bt.709 color space


► UVC compatible video capture, YUV422 video output, NV12 video output

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